Click Hunts Network, LLC

Established in 2023 by seasoned industry professionals with extensive experience as advertisers and publishers in various affiliate networks, Click Hunts (CH) emerged to fill the gap where an optimal solution was lacking. Drawing from firsthand knowledge of the needs of advertisers and publishers, CH was conceived as a performance-based network, built on the principles of dedicated and personalized service, a broad range of options, security for all stakeholders, and unwavering transparency.

The mission of CH is straightforward for an affiliate network: cultivate an environment where both advertisers and publishers can grow and thrive simultaneously. The core objective is to create a symbiotic relationship, ensuring the success of both parties within the network.

Proprietary Tracking Software

Leveraging insights gained from their own encounters with other affiliate networks, ClickHunts collaborated closely with a private development firm to meticulously construct a comprehensive custom tracking program. This proprietary software was methodically developed from the ground up, undergoing rigorous testing and successfully demonstrating its efficacy over numerous years of proven, successful performance.

Dedicated Account Managers

clickhunts Dedicated Account Managers

For both Advertisers and Publishers alike, a dedicated Account Manager is at your service on a daily basis. Their role encompasses reviewing your performance, optimizing ongoing campaigns, strategizing and implementing future projects, and serving as a valuable sounding board for any ideas or feedback you may wish to share. The commitment is to provide personalized and attentive support, ensuring your needs and objectives are met with precision and excellence.

Bridging The Financing Gap

clickhunts Bridging The Financing Gap

ClickHunts serves as a crucial source of interest-free capital for both Advertisers and Affiliates. This is achieved through the prompt and timely provision of CPA payments to Affiliates, even before receiving payments from Advertisers. This approach empowers Publishers to escalate their sales initiatives while enabling Advertisers to strategically pursue growth without incurring additional financing charges. It’s a symbiotic financial arrangement that fosters mutual benefit and intelligent business expansion.

Fraud Prevention

Our Account Managers are consistently vigilant, closely monitoring vital metrics such as conversion rate, retention rate, and ad velocity. This proactive approach allows us to identify and address potential fraudulent activities promptly, ensuring that any threat is neutralized before it can significantly impact the members of ClickHunts. This commitment to fraud prevention underscores our dedication to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment for all involved parties.

Performance Bonuses

Clickhunts Performance Bonuses

As Publishers scale their output, ClickHunts responds by elevating payouts and expediting payment schedules. Additionally, Click hunts periodically organizes performance contests, offering enticing rewards for our top-performing Publishers. This dual approach of recognizing and rewarding high-performance not only enhances the earning potential for Publishers but also fosters a dynamic and motivating environment within the ClickHunts network.

Simplified and Streamlined Payments

ClickHunts ensures a straightforward and efficient payment process. Advertisers are billed solely for actual sales with no set-up fees, hidden charges, or interest fees. Publishers, in turn, can rely on regular and punctual payments, creating a transparent and hassle-free financial relationship within the CH network.


This principle extends to both the extensive array of campaigns accessible to Publishers and the diverse community of member Publishers. This diversity ensures the ability to cater to any type of lead generation that an Advertiser may seek, creating a dynamic and adaptable environment within the ClickHunts network.