Frequently Asked Questions

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Who We Are?

1. So, what precisely is Click Hunts Network?

Click Hunts Premier Performance-Based Affiliate Marketing Solution

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, ClickHunts Network LLC emerges as a trailblazer. Established in 2023, this innovative company operates as a performance-based, no-fees affiliate marketing agency, specializing in the intricacies of action-based lead generation.

At its core, ClickHunts serves as a centralized advertising campaign hub, seamlessly connecting Advertisers with Publishers through a user-friendly interface. What sets ClickHunts apart is its dedication to curating a diverse range of advertisements. The company actively seeks out Advertisers with unique campaigns, strategically recruits the most successful Publishers boasting impressive track records, and generously compensates them for every action or lead they generate.

In essence, ClickHunts Network simplifies the affiliate marketing landscape, providing a streamlined platform where Advertisers and Publishers converge for mutually beneficial partnerships. With a commitment to performance, transparency, and innovation, ClickHunts is poised to reshape the future of affiliate marketing.


What We Do?

ClickHunts operates as a platform that caters to two main client groups: Advertisers and Publishers. Advertisers are businesses seeking to enhance their online presence, drive increased traffic, and boost revenue for their products. Publishers, also known interchangeably as “Affiliates,” are skilled online advertisers proficient in crafting targeted advertisements to amplify volume and revenue for the products they promote.

For Advertisers, ClickHunts delivers comprehensive value by collaborating to design optimal advertising campaigns for their products. This involves everything from creating engaging creatives to providing interest-free capital for campaign funding. ClickHunts then takes on the responsibility of distributing these campaigns to its network of Publishers and managing them, alleviating Advertisers from the intricacies of campaign oversight. The end result is an efficient and streamlined process where Publishers generate increased traffic and revenue for the Advertisers.

Publishers, or Affiliates, benefit from ClickHunts by gaining access to a diverse range of campaigns that align with their skill sets and advertising methods. ClickHunts facilitates quick payment processing, ensuring Publishers receive their earnings almost immediately after making sales or generating leads. In addition to standard Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) commissions, ClickHunts goes a step further by offering periodic performance bonuses as a reward for exceptional results achieved by Publishers.

In essence, ClickHunts acts as the bridge that connects Advertisers with skilled Publishers, facilitating mutually beneficial relationships. Advertisers witness the growth of their online presence and revenue, while Publishers capitalize on opportunities that match their expertise, receiving timely compensation and potential bonuses for their outstanding performance.

ClickHunts Advertising Verticals

ClickHunts serves a wide range of advertising verticals, boasting an extensive selection of campaigns that cater to diverse needs. Our platform has no limitations, offering one of the most extensive arrays of campaigns available. Whether you’re focused on e-mail submits, lead generation, CPA trial sales, or native content, ClickHunts ensures a varied advertising mix.

As an advertiser, if you have a new insurance product and aim to collect e-mail addresses, or if you’re a publisher specializing in contextual marketing, ClickHunts is here to support your unique requirements. We take pride in accommodating a broad spectrum of advertising strategies to meet the distinct goals of both advertisers and publishers.

Furthermore, ClickHunts distinguishes itself by offering exclusive campaigns that cannot be found on any other network. This exclusivity adds value to our platform, providing advertisers and publishers with access to unique opportunities and enhancing the overall diversity of our advertising portfolio. At ClickHunts, we are dedicated to meeting your advertising needs with a comprehensive and exclusive selection of campaigns.

ClickHunts Show Me The Money?

Does ClickHunts change any fees to Advertisers? How much are Publishers paid, when do they get paid, and how? Does ClickHunts match higher payouts from other networks?

ClickHunts is a 100% NO-FEES network and is a 100% performance-based network! We do not charge any set up fees, financing fees, [insert unnecessary fee name here] fee, etc. Advertisers pay solely for performance – you only owe ClickHunts commissions once sales and leads have actually been generated. Publishers similarly never incur any sort of fees at all.

Taking this a step further, ClickHunts pays its Publishers faster than its Advertisers pay ClickHunts. In other words, ClickHunts acts not just as an advertising hub, but also as a financing option: we float capital interest-free to Advertisers so that we pay for their campaigns growth.

Publishers are paid on a weekly basis (via either ACH/wire, PayPal, or check) and are paid at the highest rates out there. If you see the same campaign at another network for a higher rate you can bet we’ll beat it for you.

Fraud Elimination

Addressing fraud is a perpetual concern within the online advertising realm, and ClickHunts is committed to minimizing this risk through a strategic approach.

Leveraging nearly a decade of industry expertise, ClickHunts places the prevention and reduction of fraud at the core of its business model. The account managers at ClickHunts employ a vigilant approach, consistently scrutinizing key performance metrics that serve as early indicators of potential fraud. By carefully balancing click-through rates, conversion rates, and retention metrics, ClickHunts’ seasoned team stays proactive in staying ahead of fraud and mitigating the impact of low-quality traffic on our campaigns.

Additionally, ClickHunts boasts an in-house fraud detection call center function that advertisers can integrate as an extra layer of protection for their products. This additional measure underscores ClickHunts’ dedication to providing advertisers with comprehensive safeguards against fraudulent activities. For more information, interested parties can reach out to their dedicated account manager or contact ClickHunts support.

Personalized Support

What type of assistance can I expect from ClickHunts once I become a member? Upon joining, each Advertiser and Publisher is paired with a dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager is committed to guiding you through the entire ClickHunts experience, helping you choose campaigns that align with your skills, optimizing these campaigns throughout their lifecycle, and even engaging in conversations beyond advertising, including topics like the meaning of life. Your Account Manager recognizes the continuous nature of online advertising and aims to be available almost around the clock, striving for close to 24/7 accessibility. Alongside your personal Account Manager, ClickHunts boasts a team of seasoned industry professionals providing comprehensive support across the entire network.


Certainly! At ClickHunts, we’re not just about business; we believe in infusing a sense of fun and excitement into your professional journey. Workdays should be more than just tasks and deadlines, and that’s why we consistently introduce promotions and contests to add that extra spark to your experience with us.

Why do we do this? Well, because we understand the importance of balancing work with enjoyment. ClickHunts is committed to making your experience dynamic and refreshing. Our unique and quirky performance bonuses cater to all, with awards ranging from smaller, targeted $50-$100 bonuses to larger-than-life tiered-revenue contests.

For those who strive for excellence, our tiered-revenue contests offer an exhilarating chance to shine. Top performers not only receive well-deserved recognition but also qualify for amazing incentives like cruises, travel packages, and exclusive red carpet experiences. We believe in celebrating your success in grand style!

Worried about staying in the loop? Fret not! Our contests are broadcasted network-wide, ensuring that you’re always aware of the exciting opportunities at hand. Plus, you can conveniently access contest details right from your user dashboard when logged in. At ClickHunts, we ensure that the thrill is accessible, and your hard work is met with deserving rewards. After all, business should be a delightful journey, and we’re here to make sure it is!